Positivity, Optimism & Building Brands

Dupont Media is a growing, exciting portfolio of brands reaching all corners of North America. We pride ourselves on building brands and relationships that impact our communities.

We believe in developing strong brands that aim to be sustainable, relatable and adaptable in an ever changing climate. We value creativity, positivity, optimism and put a high level of focus on achieving high levels of self awareness among our people and more importantly among our brands.

Dream big. Work Hard. Find happiness.

we are always looking for talented individuals to join our growing team

With trends in digital and social media evolving quickly, we stay at the cutting edge of technology while continuing to understand the importance and legacy of traditional media and practices. Our team is always expanding and will list opportunities here first!


dedicated team

Through our various and evolving digital media properties, we believe in creating positive and impactful opportunities for our brands and partners to have the best experiences and interactions.

We continue to expand our logos across North America and have become a source of inspiration and expertise in helping others build successful brands across various industries.

Our Leadership